Emphasized projects


Dance Beyond Death

Dance machine for mobile phone

Google Play iTunes Game site

Dance Beyond Death is a dance machine game, set in a dysfunctional zombie family. You have to get to the top of the street dance and succeed anywhere in the world. "You're looking for fame. But fame costs. And here's where you're going to start paying for it: with embalming fluid:" The application is suitable for children and develops their coordination and attention span with a fun aesthetic of halloween.


Cacaolong Stars

Advergame with pin-code


Promotional game for sales campaign. To participate in the game and a draw for longboards was required the introduction of unique pin-codes printed on the product.

The player controls a skater in an endless runner where jumping must collect the maximum possible number of bottles of the promoted product. The urban route is dotted with obstacles and traps to avoid or use for driving. You can also earn bonus points by recycling empty bottles.


Inclusion Bridges

Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Social Inclusion Out of the Box
iTunes Google Play Microsoft Store

Game for social sensitization around the causes of social exclusion in different countries. Organizations from Asia, Europe and Latin America joined together to explore social inclusion through creativity.

6 heroes, 11 scenarios and 8 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Nepali, Vietnamese and Chinese).


EU go!

Multiuser game

European Commission

Game to discover the opportunities offered by the EU to study, professional training, work and undertake throughout Europe.

The Representation of the European Commission in Barcelona designed this social game to reach young people all mobility and training options that the European Union offers and encourage them to take advantage.

Throughout the game, the character will have to travel and live in different cities to acquire knowledge and skills essential when entering the labor market.


L'Auditori. Planeta Clarinet

Apps for iOS and Android

iTunes Google Play

Apps for mobile devices with interactive games to complement the concerts "Clarinet Planet!" by L’Auditori.

From the L’Auditori Educational Service proposes different educational concerts. Concerts for children, such as "Setze Cordes" and "Concert VaiVé" are complemented by interactive gaming apps.


Visits Sagrada Família

Interactive for activities

Basílica de la Sagrada Família

Interactive application to accompany the guided activities for high school students to the Basílica of the Sagrada Família visits.

The visitors, who are lent a touch tablet, can choose between different languages for different interactive activities found in every area of the visit.

There are two types of visits, as time allows visitors, and two tours: the symbolic and architectural.



Educational games and pastimes

Diputació de Barcelona http://genius.diba.cat/descobertabiblioteca

Adventure game for 1 or 2 players, collaboratively. With varying degrees of difficulty for all children aged 6 to 12 years can discover libraries helping an alien from a distant galaxy to learn more things about our planet.

They set in the same fantasy world different hobbies have also developed. Some of them related to literary ephemeris.


Espai 8

Massive game multi-platform

Promax Gold Award for Best Interactive Game 2005

Massive strategy game was 6 and half years in operation for youth portal TV3: 3XL. Since its beginning the game have gone through tens of thousands of players every month generating millions of pages of advertising content.

It is a web game that takes advantage of the possibilities of other mass media. So the climatology of the world of Espai8 was broadcasted on television by the weather report. Players could also perform various actions of the game by mobile phone, even they could receive alerts if they were attacked.


Music Hero, emprende tu reto

Multiuser game web and Facebook

Andalucía Emprende, Fundación Pública Andaluza (Junta de Andalucía)

Multi strategic simulation game developed as a practical tool for youth to amplify the work done by schools by increasing the knowledge and development of entrepreneurial skills.

It has an adaptation for Facebook. A persistent and common environment where all participants can compete and collaborate with everyone. And allows each player to start at any time and participate at their own pace, compared only with himself or with friends.


Campamento Greg para pringaos

Promotional games in real time

RBA Libros

Set of web games based on the contents of the book series "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". To play the participants must pass a test in which they must prove to be a wimpy kid.

Every game is a challenge of a different kind and one of them is real-time multiuser: a peculiar race of trees where each player controls his character from any Internet access and can see live the evolution of the other participants.


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